Mickey Madden

Adam Levine (Vocals, Guitar)
James Valentine (Guitar)
Jesse Carmichael (Keyboard)
Matt Flynn (Drums)


Your favorite virtue: compassion
Your favorite qualities in a man: wit, steadfastness
Your favorite qualities in a woman: intelligence, passion, wit, physical attractiveness
Your favorite occupation: playing or listening to music, conversation
Your chief characteristic: affability
Your idea of happiness: good food, good conversation, good whisky, good music
Your idea of misery: loneliness
Your favorite color and flower: black, tulip
If not yourself, who would you be: Arthur Cravan
Where would you like to live: Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin
Your favorite prose authors: Chandler, Melville, Proust, Poe, Isherwood, Bataille, Vian, Trocchi
Your favorite poets: Eliot, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Spicer
Your favorite painters and composers: Velasquez, Goya, Lennon-McCartney, Dylan, James Brown
Your favorite heroes in real life: Cravan, Vidocq, Debord, Rimbaud, Artaud, Dylan
Your favorite heroes in fiction: Sherlock Holmes, Bartelby, Sam Spade, Jeeves, Wooster
Your favorite heroines in real life: Emma Goldman, Emma Hennings, Joan of Arc, Nina Simone, Bjork
Your favorite heroines in fiction: Hildy Johnson, Mother Courage, Lais
Your favorite food and drink: french fries, scotch
Your favorite names: Natalie, Paul
Your pet aversion: exhibitionism
What characters in History do you most dislike: Hitler, Torquemada, Mao and their minions (and ilk)
What is your present state of mind: mildly anxious
For what fault do you have the most toleration: naivete
Your favorite motto: "under the paving stones, the beach"